Gas Stations Insurance

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Why Gas Stations Require Insurance

Gas stations insurance can cover your business against liability claims in the event of an incident that causes injury to customers/employees or destruction of customers' vehicles. It can also pay to repair or replace damaged or lost business property, such as after fire or robbery. Operating a gas station without proper commercial insurance exposes you to a high risk of financial loss.


Fuel Your Business with Customized Coverage from Bema

Your business assets and specific liability risks will determine the scope of your gas station and convenience store insurance coverage. At the least, you require the following commercial policies


Commercial general liability insurance can provide protection in case of property damage or customer injury claims against your business. It's applicable in specific gas station scenarios such as:

  • A customer slips on a slippery surface while refueling their car at your station, fracturing their arm
  • Customers sustain burn injuries or vehicles are burnt in a gas station fire

A CGL policy can cover your attorney fees if an injured customer sues your business in court. It can also pay for their medical bills or repair/replacement of their damaged cars or other properties.


Commercial property insurance pays to recover or repair your business assets. Covered risks include:

  • Damage to your physical gas station premises or equipment like pumps
  • Convenience store equipment losses, such as refrigerators
  • Theft of store inventory
  • Vandalized gas station equipment

These policies generally cover asset losses or damage due to events like adverse weather or gasoline fire


The law requires you to have workers' compensation insurance if you have employed people at your gas station and convenience store. This job puts employees at a higher risk of work-related accidents or injuries such as:

It covers the costs of:

  • Bodily injury during violent/armed robbery
  • Thermal burns from accidental gasoline fires
  • Chemical burns from exposure to diesel or gasoline due to pump leaks

A workers' comp policy can compensate your employee for their on-the-job injury or sickness. The settlement includes medical bills and lost wages.


Business interruption is a special endorsement that you can add to your property insurance coverage. The policy can protect your business when extensive pump damage forces you to close your gas station temporarily. It covers lost income and operating expenses for the duration of the shutdown.

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