Home Based Business Insurance

Protecting Self-employed Professionals and Entrepreneurs Working from Home

As a home-based business, you may not realize how vulnerable your business is simply because it is operated at your home. However, depending on the type of business you have, you are exposing yourself to many risks. At Bema Insurance, we understand how complicated it can be to run a home-based business. Therefore, we work with you to provide customized coverage that addresses your unique risk exposures.


Your Home-based Business Needs More Than Home Insurance

Many remote working professionals presume that their home insurance will cover their home-based business. While your homeowners policy will protect your home, it won't extend protection to your business assets such as technology, equipment, or inventory. Moreover, if you have clients/ customers visiting your home or have employees working at or outside your home, you need separate business insurance to cover yourself against potential liability claims.

Customized Insurance Solutions for Home-based Businesses

No matter what type of home-based business you have, we will cover your specific risks with custom-tailored policies at Bema Insurance. For small business owners operating from home, we offer the following types of business insurance:


Commercial general liability insurance covers damage to property or injuries sustained by someone who visits your home for business. This can include instances where:

  • A customer trips over a crack in the sidewalk leading up to your door
  • You are at a client's home and accidentally break an expensive sculptor while performing your duties

Any attorney's fees will also be covered by a CGL policy.


A commercial property insurance policy is designed to protect you if your business assets are damaged or stolen. A few common risks that would be covered include:

  • Damage to the building (or portion of your home) where your business is located
  • Equipment used while operating your business
  • Theft of equipment or money

Damages caused to your business property by severe weather may also be covered.


If you have employees working at your home or in another location, you must protect them and your company from financial loss in the event of a work-related injury or illness. Workers' compensation covers:

  • Bodily injuries sustained while working
  • Slipping and falling on a slick surface
  • Injuring your back while moving a heavy object

Workers' compensation allows the employee to earn at least a portion of their wages while they are off work. It will also pay for their medical expenses.


Also known as errors and omissions insurance, this policy will cover your home-based business in case you are sued for negligence while rendering services. You should consider getting this coverage, especially if your business involves

  • Giving regular advice to clients
  • Providing professional services
  • In some instances, your client may require you to have professional liability insurance before signing a contract with your business.

Grow Your Business While We Keep It Protected

At Bema Insurance, we respect the amount of hard work you put in operating your home-based business, and we are committed to helping you grow with security. Our customized insurance policies are designed keeping in mind each client's unique coverage needs and budget. Our experts assess your risk exposures and educate you on suitable coverage options so that you can make an informed purchase. With multiple insurance carriers to choose from, we offer a wide range of policies to protect your business at all times.


Contact us today at heena@bemainsurance.com or give us a call at (678) 528-9576 to get started on affordable home-based business insurance.