Hotel / Motel Insurance

Empower Your Hospitality Business with Hotel Insurance

As a hotel owner, you would have put in a lot of money and hard work into operating a hotel, and we can help it thrive. At Bema Insurance, we partner with a wide range of carriers to offer an all-inclusive hotel insurance policy that covers your building, property, and liability claims involving third parties.


Cover Your Hotels with Extensive Coverage

As a hotel owner, you may face unique risks that could lead to expensive liability lawsuits. For example:

  • Your housekeeping staff might get injured at work
  • You could lose your property in the event of a natural disaster, fire, or vandalism
  • Your customers might sue you after a Grab Bar comes off in the guest bathroom

While no one can predict such mishaps, you can cover your business against such uncertainties with comprehensive hotel insurance.

Customized Hospitality Insurance Solutions at Bema

We offer the following coverages to protect your business and hard-earned assets against potential exposures:


As hospitality industries are highly susceptible to slip and fall accidents involving their guests or employees, having liability coverage is essential. It covers your business against claims of physical injury, property damage, and advertising injury.


Hotel owners depend on their buildings and equipment to successfully run their business. Therefore, property coverage is vital to cover damage or losses to the physical structure of your building and its contents, such as tools, equipment, inventory, and personal property used for business.


Though optional, it provides extended coverage for claims exceeding the limits of your basic policies. Considering the countless liability exposures present in a hotel and the number of guests staying there at any time, hotel owners should buy umbrella coverage to protect their prized assets with adequate coverage.


It would be nearly impossible to run your hotel without your staff, so protect them with our workers’ compensation coverage. This policy protects your business against employee-related lawsuits while covering injured employees’ medical expenses, lost wages, disability expenses, and funeral expenses (in fatal incidents).


If your hotel property is damaged by fire or vandalism and becomes unsuitable for conducting typical operations, interruption coverage reimburses lost income while covering your employees’ wages and other monthly expenses.


It covers damage to your business equipment (heating units, AC units, etc.) from sudden power surge or mechanical breakdowns. It also reimburses any income loss due to equipment breakdown.

We Protect Your Hotel While You Serve Your Patrons

Bema Insurance is committed to providing best-in-class insurance for hospitality businesses across the U.S. With over four decades of experience in the insurance market, we offer the right policies tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring personalized protection. With our exclusive coverage and dedicated insurance professionals by your side, you can focus on growing your hospitality business at all times.


Additional Coverages You May Require

  • Cyber Liability Coverage – Covers financial losses resulting from a cyber-attack
  • Liquor Liability Coverage – Covers injury/property damage caused by drunk patrons
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage – Covers employment-related lawsuits and claims
  • Commercial Auto Coverage – Covers your business vehicles against at-fault accidents

If you are looking to buy affordable hotel insurance near you, contact us today at heena@bemainsurance.com or call us at (678) 528-9576.