Inland Marine Insurance

Cover Your Business in Transit with Inland Marine Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance provides protection for products and equipment that may be damaged or lost during transportation. Different than a basic property coverage policy, Inland Marine Insurance may specifically apply to high-value products or industries that require travel or services to perform in multiple locations. At Bema Insurance, we partner with a wide network of carriers to provide extensive coverage for all your business needs, whether stationary or mobile.

Cover Your Business Inland Marine
Business Need Inland Marine Insurance

When Does Your Business Need Inland Marine Insurance?

Any business with frequent travel or shipment should consider Inland Marine Insurance. Depending on your current policy, high-value equipment or even employee tools that travel from one business site to another may not be covered under your Business Owners Policy or basic property coverage. These gaps can be covered by commercial inland marine coverage.

What Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

Inland Marine Insurance provides coverage to a wide range of goods that are being transported, including:

  • Costly electronics
  • Trade show displays
  • Radio towers and bridges
  • Wind turbines and solar panels
  • Equipment for a special event
  • Miscellaneous property
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Scientific equipment
  • Contracting and construction equipment, etc.
Inland Marine Insurance Cover

What Are the Types of Commercial Inland Marine Coverage?

There are several types of Inland Marine Insurance for different purposes and businesses:

Bailee's Customer Coverage

It covers your business against damages or losses to a customer’s property endowed to you for shipping or storage.

Builder's Risk Coverage

Covers commercial and residential structures and their materials and equipment while they are under construction or being renovated.

Exhibition and Fine Art Coverage

It covers paintings, sculptures, and other valuable fine arts while on loan, exhibit, or in transit.

Installation Floater

It covers the business materials from the time they are loaded onto an inland transport until they are put into final use.

Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

It provides coverage to all the client's goods and property while being carried by your business vehicle.

Whether it's a shipment assignment or a transfer of business property, contact Bema Insurance today at heena@bemainsurance.com to cover your most prized assets while on the road.