Insurance for Plumbers

Cover Your Plumbing Operations with Affordable Insurance

Plumbers and plumbing contractors are exposed to several risks that must be covered with plumbing insurance . While each plumbing business requires customized coverage, it's usually best to start with a basic plan covering general liability and add other coverage you need.


Why Plumbing Businesses Require Insurance

Part of the risk plumbing repair companies face is they can be sued if they damage a property owner's piping. Another risk is that plumbers can get injured on the job working with metal tools.

Plumbing contractors and subcontractors are typically required by the entities they work for to carry sufficient insurance. Getting the right insurance for plumbers comes down to company size, how the business is run, and claims history.

Get Custom-tailored Insurance Your Plumbing Business

With over 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, our experts at Bema Insurance are well-versed with the risk exposures of plumbing businesses. Our team of seasoned insurance professionals can help you get customized coverage for your unique needs. Our plumbers insurance solutions include (but are not limited to):


Covers accidents and injuries that occur to third parties at your establishment. It also covers legal costs for various types of litigation.


If you own commercial property, it's a good idea to insure it against perils that might adversely affect your plumbing business.


Plumbers typically need trucks to haul tools and equipment. All business vehicles must have state-mandated auto insurance coverage.


All businesses that hire employees usually must carry workers' compensation as a state requirement. Workers' comp pays for injuries or illnesses suffered by employees while carrying out work-related duties. It can also pay a percentage of the worker's regular wage if they are unable to work.


This coverage pays for loss of income or wages due to a temporary business shutdown.


It covers damaged or missing equipment, including small tools, employees' equipment, or any borrowed equipment.

We Have Your Back at Bema!

At Bema Insurance, we offer plumbing insurance across several states. Our experienced team will listen to your insurance needs then present you with the best available options. By choosing us as your insurance partners, you will get:

  • Diverse Quotes - We help you shop from a selected pool of insurers to get competitive plumbing insurance rates.
  • Premium Financing - Our premium financing options can help you make affordable payments.
  • Quality Customer Service - We provide friendly insurance expertise to help you find the right policy.
  • Hub for Your Insurance Needs - As an independent agency, we work with multiple insurance companies to find the right coverage for each client.
We Have Your Back at Bema

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