Salon Insurance

Comprehensive Tailored Coverage for Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Barber Shops, Massage Therapists and many more..!

As a Spa or Salon Operator, you work with several beauty products, machinery, and equipment. Therefore, you may be susceptible to potential liabilities, including side effects from beauty products and bodily injury or property damage from equipment. At Bema Insurance, we partner with a wide range of carriers to offer all-in-one coverage for your salons that come with personalized protection for your equipment and tools, customers, and properties.


Stay Protected Against Uncertainties with Salon Insurance

Even if you take the very best precautions, you cannot completely avoid the risks related to owning a salon. For example, one of your customers may file a negligence claim for offering an incorrect pedicure or manicure service. Your property could be vandalized or destroyed by natural disasters, causing financial losses. A customer might sue your business for physical injuries sustained on your premises or by your operations.

Salon insurance will cover you against these incidents and resulting losses, helping you operate your business with peace of mind.

Insure Your Salons with Unparalleled Coverage

We partner with a wide range of carriers to offer the following coverages to protect your nail salons against unfortunate mishaps and potential exposures:


It covers financial and legal expenses resulting from customer injury at your salon and property damage to a customer’s belongings caused by your employees or business operations. It also protects your business against lawsuits filed for advertising injury, reputational harm, and slander.


It protects your business from lawsuits arising from professional mistakes that harm your customers or cause them losses. It covers attorney fees, settlement costs, and other expenses concerning wrongful act allegations.


If your property is damaged by fire, vandalism, or other natural disasters, property insurance will cover the resulting financial losses. It covers damage to the physical structure of your nail salon and contents inside it, including chairs, tables, and salon equipment.


If you temporarily stop your business operations after a fire, flood, or other catastrophes, business interruption coverage will reimburse a portion of the lost revenue while paying for your employees’ wages and other monthly expenses.


If your nail technician gets ill or injured at work, workers’ compensation will cover their medical bills, lost wages, and disability expenses. It also covers your business against lawsuits resulting from such incidents.


There may be times when you are faced with an expensive lawsuit that exceeds the coverage limits of your other business insurance policies. In such situations, umbrella insurance will come to your rescue, extending coverage beyond your basic policies.


Protect Your Salons with Bema

With over 45 years of combined insurance experience and expertise, Bema Insurance is committed to offering all-inclusive coverage for nail salons across the U.S. Our dedicated insurance experts take time to understand your insurance needs and business exposures and provide tailored coverage, ensuring all-round protection at all times. As an independent insurance agency, we aim to provide best-in-class insurance solutions coupled with friendly customer service and unwavering support.

Contact us today at heena@bemainsurance.com or call us at (678) 528-9576 to get started on your affordable nail salon insurance.