Customized Commercial Mall Insurance to Protect Your High-Prized Property

Though owning shopping malls can be a profitable source of income, it comes with unique risks and liabilities that require coverage. At Bema Insurance, we partner with a wide range of carriers to provide comprehensive insurance for your shopping malls and strip centers, ensuring adequate protection to your rented properties at all times.

Insure Your Shopping Malls/Strip Centers with Our All-Round Coverage

Although you rent out spaces in your strip center to multiple small business owners, you are still liable for accidents in the common spaces. This includes any mishap in the parking lot, building entrance, or sidewalks. You can be held responsible for losses resulting from property damage and burglary or theft of common equipment and appliances, such as alarm systems, AC units, heating units, and security cameras.

To stay covered against these uncertainties, you should have the right center and strip mall insurance.


Value-Added Coverages for Malls and Strip Centers

Mall insurance is designed to cover you, your tenants, and visitors. Coverage options include:


Shopping malls are susceptible to premises liability because of the great number of people visiting them every day. Therefore, having general liability coverage is essential to protect yourself against claims made when:

  • A visitor trips over an uneven section of sidewalk, injuring their leg
  • A customer falls from poorly maintained escalators and staircases
  • Your shopping mall is sued for copyright infringement

This coverage pays for third-party medical bills and repair expenses for the damaged property while covering legal costs and settlements on your behalf.


It protects you and your employees against claims of wrongful or negligent acts that result in injury or property damage to visitors. This includes instances where:

  • Security guards failed to patrol the parking lot diligently
  • Managers ignored the signs of a crime being committed
  • Security cameras were not working, or no one was monitoring them

Property insurance for your shopping mall can help cover your building and its contents against damages/ losses caused by fire, vandalism, explosion, hail, storm, etc.

It covers the costs of:

  • Renovating or repairing your building if a covered peril, such as a fire, burns it own
  • Repairing or replacing anything that you own, even if it is inside one of the business locations you rented

It protects your business if a covered loss forces you to close your shopping mall for a while.

For example, if your business property is damaged or destroyed by vandals preventing you from conducting business, this coverage will reimburse the income lost because of closure.

Save on Your Mall Insurance with Bema


Bema Insurance proudly serves shopping malls and strip centers across the U.S. with all-in-one mall insurance that ensures unparalleled coverage against any risks. While customizing your policies, we can help you get quotes from multiple carriers so you can evaluate the cost and coverage options and make the best choice. As an experienced insurance agency, we aim to provide top-notch services, exceeding your expectations every time.

If you are looking for affordable mall insurance near you, contact us today at heena@bemainsurance.com or call us at (678) 528-9576.