Wholesalers Insurance

Protect Your Products and Warehouse with Wholesalers Insurance

Managing inventories and protecting employees and customers from unfortunate mishaps is no small task for wholesalers, especially when trying to stay ahead of supply chain dependencies. Bema Insurance provides customized wholesalers insurance through our wide range of carrier partners to help keep your operations running smoothly in the event of damage or loss.


Cover Your Wholesale Business Against Today’s and Tomorrow’s Risks

As a wholesaler, you may face unique risks every day that could escalate into expensive lawsuits and claims. For example, using forklifts, ladders, and other equipment on the premises can cause employee or customer injuries. Fire, flood, and other natural disasters might damage your products and warehouse, affecting your delivery and finances.

Cover your business with a wholesalers insurance policy and stay ahead of these risks and resulting liabilities!

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Wholesalers

Specialized insurance coverages can help you protect everything that matters to your business, from the warehouse and the inventory in it to products en route to their destination.

Coverage options for wholesalers include:


It protects your business against claims of bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury. The policy covers the following scenarios

  • A customer gets injured when a product from an improperly packaged shipment falls on them
  • A storekeeper or other staff accidentally damages the client’s property
  • A customer sues your business for shipping defective or unsafe items
  • A competitor files a lawsuit against your business for unwittingly copying their logo or slogan

CGL pays the legal costs to defend your case while covering third-party medical bills and damage expenses.


With workers’ compensation coverage, you can ensure that your employees and business are financially protected when an accident strikes.

It covers:

  • Accidents resulting from overturned forklifts
  • Overexertion injuries from lifting, carrying, or pulling heavy objects
  • Chemical burns or fire from shipment containing hazardous materials
  • Bodily injuries from falling objects

The policy covers injured employees’ medical expenses, disability expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses (in fatal incidents) while protecting your business from accident-related lawsuits.


It pays to repair or replace damaged business assets and personal properties used for commercial purposes. Covered scenarios include:

  • The collapse of fragile items
  • Damage to business premises
  • Vandalized essentials, such as heating equipment, freezers, and transport trucks
  • Theft of warehouse inventories

The policy covers property damage or loss caused by fire, hail, hurricanes, floods, explosions, and equipment breakdown.


It protects your income when an accidental fire destroys your business premises, forcing you to close your office temporarily. During the shutdown period, it reimburses lost income and other monthly expenses, including:

  • Loan payments
  • Employees’ wages and payroll
  • Rents
  • Taxes

We Protect Your Wholesale Business Like Our Own

Bema Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of businesses across the U.S. for over 45 years. As an independent insurance agency, we work with multiple insurance carriers to provide you with all-inclusive wholesalers insurance coverage tailored to your unique business risks. By offering unmatched insurance experience and exceptional customer support, we can help you spend less time on the claims-filing process and more time on managing your business.


Contact us today at heena@bemainsurance.com or call us at (678) 528-9576 to get started on your personalized wholesalers insurance.